Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Great Lakes Shuffle

The Great Lakes Shuffle

When dad was a new recruit in the Navy he was sent to a base in Michigan for training. One Friday night a few NCOs came by the barracks and asked if any of the boys knew how to dance. Sensing a night out a number of the young men said that they were good dancers. They were loaded in a truck and driven to the local USO club. When they went inside the place was empty.

One of the officers opened up a box of steel wool and threw some on the floor.

He said, “Alright boys pay attention! You put a ball of steel wool under each foot and twist like this. It’s called the Great Lakes Shuffle. We need this floor shined by tomorrow night because we have a big dance. We’ll stop by afterwards and let you boys know how it went, now get to dancing!”

When in the military, never volunteer for anything.

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