Monday, August 17, 2009

Robbing Bees

Robbing Bees

One of dad’s many ventures was raising bees. The first attempt at collecting honey was memorable. Al Gore had yet to invent the internet in the 70’s so dad relied heavily on advice he got from co-workers. This would not be the first time listening to the “guys at work” caused a problem.

Dad and the guys at work theorized that night time would be the best time to rob the bee hive. The bees would be sleeping and the sneak attack would be easy. He enlisted my mom to hold a flashlight from a safe distance while he collected the honey. The hive was about 100 yards from the house. We kids watched from the back window while the process took place.

I remember seeing the bee hive dimly lit by the flashlight and dad’s shadowy figure lifting the top off. Shortly after that the flashlight started bobbing up and down and moving quickly towards the house. Very soon after that mom flew through the back door and locked it. Moments later dad was banging on the door and yelling. After not being let in he began to circle the house and yell.

I don’t quite remember the words that were spoken between them later but I did learn that early in the honey collection process mom was stung by a bee. She then felt it was best if she came back to the house and left dad to fend for himself. Dad decided he would come back to the house also and found that he had been locked out. Mom was just trying to keep the bees out of the house. I don’t recall how long the bee farming venture continued after that but I do remember a few jars of honey around the house.

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