Sunday, August 30, 2009

Squeeze Play

Football Wisdom

Dad said that when he played football you could fold up your helmet and put it in your back pocket. He said that the forward pass wasn’t popular and that they played to a lot of zero to zero ties in the mud. He also said that kicking, biting, and scratching were part of the game.

One cold, rainy Friday night he found himself on the bottom of a pile after a play. He said that he was squished into the cold mud and someone was squeezing him in a sensitive area. He realized that he also had a good grip on someone else’s privates. The more they squeezed, the more he squeezed. When the referee got to the bottom of the pile, dad was lying in the mud squeezing his own testicles.

He said that the moral of the story was, “If you open your eyes and look around you find that most of the time you are causing your own pain.”

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  1. This reminds me of another football story that Dad told. I've got a turkey hunting story in the works but maybe I can crank out the football story too.