Sunday, August 16, 2009

Story 1 - Loyal to Your Team

Loyal to Your Team

I have to preface this story by telling you that my dad was a huge Alabama fan. I don’t mean the state of Alabama. The Crimson Tide, Roll Tide Roll, and all that stuff.

I started my college career at Auburn University in 1982, the same year as Bo Jackson. That was also the year that mine and my father’s conversations about football became strained. If you aren’t familiar with the Iron Bowl, I won’t even try to explain.

During my senior year the Florida Gators were coming to town for a night game. It was Halloween night and the game was being billed as “Nightmare in Jordan Hare”. I found myself in possession of 4 tickets to the biggest game in college football that day. Auburn and Florida were both highly ranked and Florida was bringing their star running back Emmitt Smith.

I called dad and invited him to the game. He said he was too busy. I said, “Dad, this is the biggest game in college football this week. You’ve got to come.”
After a few more excuses he finally said, “Son, I don’t care if you were the starting quarterback and your mom was the head cheerleader, I’m not coming to Auburn to watch a damn football game!”

Moral of the story, Football team loyalty runs deep in the Heart of Dixie.

Upside, Auburn won 29-6 and held Emmitt to less than 50 yards.

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