Friday, August 13, 2010

Felton Wesley: Pistolero

Dad was a hunter all his life. He hunted the usual animals in Alabama and also hunted some out west when he was in the navy. I know that he hunted antelope while he was out there. This is a story about a hunt on Horn Mountain in Clay County Alabama that happened when he was a young man.

Felton Wesley was Dad's cousin and that made him our cousin too. But we called him Uncle Felton. When they were young men they hunted a lot together. On this particular hunt they were out for turkey but would hunt whatever they came across.

When the hunt was starting Felton proudly drew out his newest acquisition - a .25 caliber pistol. His hunting buddies all took a look at the pistol and declared that it was a cheap piece of junk and that Felton was taken if he paid anything for it. Felton listened to their criticism, nodded his head and pocketed his new pistol.

The hunters all got in one car and began driving down the road, intending to stop at likely looking spots to call for turkeys. As they were driving down the road a hawk flew in front of the car high in the air. Felton lowered his window, drew his pistol and shot from the moving car. The hawk fell from the sky. Felton brought the pistol back into the car looked at it, looked at everyone else and declared, "Shoots pretty good."

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